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Immersive Experiences – VR Education Experiences

Immersive Experiences’ VR programs cover the greatest variety of shows – more than any planetarium in the world, with over 200 experiences to enjoy.

  • Bring learning and entertainment together
  • A personal experience
  • Perfect for SEN, SLD, PMLD audiences
  • Fully accessible for ages 10 years and above
  • Multiple languages
  • Over 100 programs, and 15 themes
  • Bespoke content for your organisation
  • Includes up to 20 headsets, fully prepared ahead of time with your chosen experiences (15+ different themes)
  • Unlimited sessions and performances
  • Sessions can range from 5 to 25 mins
  • Option to hire without our team, so we fully install and train your staff and also insure the installation for a small additional fee
    • up to 30 headsets
    • up to 40 headsets
    • ‘VR Zone’ complete with soft foam flooring, cushion, bean bags and giant helmet sphere


Our state-of-the-art multi-purpose planetariums cover a huge variety of subjects including: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Dinosaurs, History, Geography, Geology, Music, Art, Culture, Dance and miscellaneous other STEM topics. 

As the UK’s leading provider of planetariums, we pride ourselves in leading the way in several key areas, ensuring our services and value remain unbeatable.


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