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Gaspard – African Drumming Workshops for Schools

Location(s)London & surrounding counties
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsYes
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Enhanced DBSYes
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More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

I have over 17 years’ professional experience teaching and performing traditional African drumming and singing. Iam also a professionally trained African dancer with a long standing career in performance and teaching.

I have worked in hundreds of schools across the UK delivering African Drumming Singing workshops for Multicultural Days, topics on Africa and Black History and covering areas of the curriculum in Music and RE to name but a few.

About Me

I arrived in London from the Ivory Coast in 1992 at just the right time, as it heralded in a new and dynamic era for British African dance. Drawing on a tradition, largely unknown in this country, my dance performances proved a revelation to audiences as the high-octane virtuosity of Ivoirian dance – especially that of the Gouro people to whom I belong – was unlike anything seen in the UK before.

Before coming to the UK, I spent ten years with the National Ballet of the Ivory coast and, on arriving in the UK, spent three years with the Adzido Pan African Dance Company working as a dancer and a drummer. I also performed at the opening of the Millenium dome in 2000 and at the Edinburgh Festival.

Linking My Workshops to Your Topic or Area of the Curriculum

I deliver both African drumming and singing workshops into UK schools as well as African dance and my workshops can be linked to your topic on Africa or Black History or any area of the curriculum.


"The children thoroughly enjoyed their dance sessions with Gaspard!"
Sunnymede Infant School

"All workshops have been great! Everyone enjoyed Gaspard's workshops."
Goldington Green Academy

"Today the children enjoyed a unique experience when Gaspard and Neboy came into school to teach them some African songs, dance and drumming. They talked to the children about Africa and asked them if they thought Africa is a country or a continent and whether they could name any African countries. Gaspard and Neboy explained that they are from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. The children then had a go at putting together some traditional African dance moves to the music of a Djembe (a skin drum) and sang some traditional African songs using the ‘call and respond’ method. Each class then performed their dance during assembly and even the teachers had a go!"
Cliddesden Primary School

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