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Explorer Dome – SEN Shows

Location(s)Bristol City and Surrounding Counties
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 & 6th Form
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements, and quote 'EWST'!
Administration Service Administered by the provider

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Explorer Dome is Unique

Hands-On Science

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing – that’s why all of our shows are fully interactive, making Explorer Dome shows 100% presenter-led, hands-on and unforgettable!
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Confucius)

Lively, Knowledgeable Presenters

Our brilliant presenters are at the heart of everything we do here at Explorer Dome. When you book a visit from us, you are signing up to receive the best quality science shows from presenters who are experienced, highly trained, passionate and rigourous about the science and, most importantly, fun!

Science for Everyone

Discover a huge range of topics that bring science to life for audiences of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities. Inclusive education is at the heart of what we do and we visit schools, colleges, adult education, teacher training, festivals and special events and, as we pitch the show for your group, no two shows are ever the same!

A Brief History

Explorer Dome has been around for over 20 years! From our humble beginnings in 1998, we have come a long way with four domes, chemistry presentations, workshops, a team of specialist presenters and a base in Bristol and now also London.

Explorer Dome reaches 50,000 children and adults every year. Each person coming to our shows has a ~45 minute, immersive experience where new ideas, scientific interests and identity can be explored. We cover hundreds of schools and events across the whole of England, Wales and beyond. Over the years we have visited thousands and places from the Highlands to the Channel Islands, met over 1 million children and enjoyed every moment!

Every show is different!

Age, ability, background and interests, whether you are starting a topic or ending it with a 'wow'. We like to pitch the show for your group and bring presenters with ideal skills and knowledge, so when you get in touch, do let us know more about your group.

We love the work we do with SEN schools as the Dome is a wonderfully immersive and relaxing environment and a perfect place to learn for children with special educational needs. Merging the very best bits from different shows, we aim to make the shows as multisensory as possible. We recommend themes of 'Space and Rockets' (inside the Dome) or 'Bubbles' (outside the Dome) for all abilities, but can adapt most of our other themes for children at NC level 1 or above.

People who can't crawl or are in wheelchairs can be accommodated, but this does reduce the capacity for our Dome shows so please notify us in advance.
We recommend a maximum capacity of 25 inside the Dome including teaching staff and carers and for EBD students we would suggest smaller class sizes than this.

Some presentations include flashing lights and loud noises so presenters should be notified of children who are adversely effected by this (e.g. behavioural difficulties, autism or epilepsy) and we can adapt the shows accordingly. We can give you a full break down of the show in advance and our presenters can use some Makaton signing in the shows to help with understanding.


How to book:

Please quote 'EWST' when getting in touch, either using the contact form below or when emailing us on


Two experienced leaders made the most of the time and knew how best to direct the children's enthusiasm. Plenty of ground covered - from the planets to the nebulae. Memorable.
Dragon School, Oxford

Brilliant. Really brilliant. If I had to think of something I’ve seen that hits all learners - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - this would be it!
Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg

The presenters were wonderful. Their enthusiasm was infectious. They knew exactly how to pitch it and had an excellent awareness of the needs of the children. This was the best science based visit we have had!
Inverteign Primary School, Devon

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