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Climb Hire – Mobile Climbing Wall Workshops for Schools

Location(s)Throughout the UK
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
Administration Service Administered by third-party Administrator

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

Since 2005 we have provided our Mobile Climbing Wall, Archery and Mobile Cave for a variety of event types across the UK, such as; festivals, fetes, schools, fun days, team building, parties, weddings, safety awareness, product launches and promotion events.

Our mobile climbing wall is available for any event such as; Educational, Fun day Hire, Party Hire, Reward day. Email us for full details

The climbing wall has four sides to enable four people to climb at one time, with over 8 different climbing routes.

Fitted with an auto-belay system which allows four people to climb safely at the same time without someone having to manage the rope work. With this system we can have a high number of participants in a short time.

We can add a manual belay system for educational sessions or to assist those that need extra support (please request this at the time of booking).

  • A climbing height of 7.3m the wall recreates the exposure of real rock climbing. It looks impressive and leaves climbers with a true sense of achievement.
  • Can be set up in 30 minutes.
  • Four individuals can climb at any one time, on four climbing faces each varying difficulty.
  • An innovative automatic "belay" system ensures that climbers are lowered gently to the ground when they come off the wall. The system also allows us to put climbers straight on the wall with only a short safety brief.
  • Essential safety equipment provided for all climbers.
  • The wall is operated by instructors with over 3 years’ experience within outdoor recreation.
  • Leaves no trace when removed.
  • First aid qualified and with £5 million liability insurance cover.

Climbing Game Video - Climbing Game

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall, Mobile Climbing Tower, Climb Hire.



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