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Battersea Park Children’s Zoo – Educational School Visits & Workshops

School trip packages

Enjoy an memorable visit to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. Our workshops are designed and developed with children and links to the curriculum at the forefront.

We have several options available for schools, nurseries and playgroups to cover all abilities and ages.

1. Guided school visit (Highly recommended for schools)

We have 5 immersive workshops for you to choose from; whichever one you chose you will enjoy an interactive introduction, followed by a topical tour, rounded off with a tactile show and tell.
For full information on selecting the appropriate workshop, please click here.

Upon arrival you will be met by your experienced guide(s) who will show you to your education cabin, here you will be able to store any bags and/or lunches. An undercover space will be available for you to eat if the weather does not allow for an outdoor lunch.

2. Self-guided school visit

This is the perfect option for groups who wish to make their own way around the zoo and includes an indoor space as a base and to have lunch.

Please note: This option does not include a guide and is only available for pre- school/ nursery visits which include children under 3 years old.

3. Non-guided school visit

This option is available for schools, nurseries and pre-schools and is suitable for those who wish to make their own way around the zoo.

Upon arrival you will be provided with a zoo map, which gives a layout of the zoo and information on all animal feeding times and talks. Child friendly information boards are located next to every animal enclosure.

Lunch bags and belongings must be kept with pupils at all times.
Please note: This package does not include a guide or any education cabin/ undercover area.

Educational Workshops

We have five brand new interactive workshops to select from when booking a guided visit at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo!

All our workshops follow the same immersive format allowing children to enjoy all elements of the zoo within their visit. All sessions will include a mixture of both indoor and outdoor learning.

Please note that all our workshops can be adapted to suit any SEND needs, but prior knowledge is needed to make any necessary provisions.

See the options below for suitability and recommendations. Please specify when booking.

Who’s Who at the Zoo!

How do monkeys climb so well? Why do lemurs sunbathe? With an experienced guide to answer any questions that may pop up. Enjoy learning about the habitats our animals come from and how we replicate this in our zoo enclosures.

Suitable for: all ages                
Areas covered: Science

                      Animals, including humans, living things and their habitats
                      Evolution and Inheritance
                      Working scientifically.

                     Geographical skills and fieldwork

Colour and Camouflage

Why do meerkats have dark fur around their eyes?
Discover how animals have adapted and evolved over time. Find out about our animals’ intriguing characteristics and work out what benefits these adaptations have to individual species in their quest for survival!

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2                      
Areas covered: Science

                      Animals, including humans.
                      Living things and their habitats.
                      Evolution and inheritance.
                      Working scientifically.

The 3 ‘vores and other ways to classify

This interactive session will get students immersed in classifying our zoo animals, discovering the importance of classification and the different ways it can be carried out and used.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2                                                                   
Areas covered: Science

                      Animals, including humans.
                      Living things and their habitats.
                      Evolution and inheritance.
                      Working scientifically.

Animal Playtime

Do you wonder why you often see balls or boxes in zoo animal enclosures?
Discover how these provide enrichment and important stimulation for zoo animals and the reasons behind it. Then, get hands on making some for our animals here at Battersea.

Suitable for: KS2 only.           
Areas covered: Science

                      Animals including humans.
                      Working scientifically.
                      Evolution and inheritance.

                     Design and Technology
                     Design, make and evaluate.

Owl Babies

This workshop will expand your knowledge of wildlife, using the popular book ‘Owl Babies’. Discover all about our resident owl, what makes her such an amazing hunter and what is her favourite food, with the chance to see some artefacts up close.

Suitable for: Early Year and KS1                          
Areas covered: Science

                      Animals, including humans.
                      Living things and their habitats.

                      Reading, linking books and stories to real world experiences.

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