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Architecture Workshops – History & Humanities Workshops

Using simple materials Architecture Workshops enable students to create complex structures that reveal the nature of the Historic Built Environment. Pupils work individually, in groups and altogether to create huge structures they can stand / sit in and be awestruck at their own work.

History Workshops; Egyptian Pyramids; Galleon & Tall Ships; Greek Parthenon; Mayan Temple; Saxon Roundhouse; Roman Villa; Stonehenge; Tudor Globe; Victorian Crystal Palace; Viking Longship; WW2 Andersen Shelters    

Humanity Workshops; Cathedral; Dome Of The Rock; Empire Windrush; Taj Mahal

Combining all aspects of STEM with History, Drama, Geography, Imagination, Listen Skills, Problem-Solving, Resilence, Teamwork and involving the use of both fine and gross motor skills, the workshops are the embodiment of integrated curricular learning.

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