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Amazona Zoo – School Trips & Curriculum-linked Activities

Location(s)Amazona Zoo, Hall Road, Cromer, Norfolk, United Kingdom NR27 9JG
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
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School Trips & Education

Our lovely Yurt is the hub for educating visitors and includes the history of South America and facts about the animals who call Amazona home. We want to inspire the conservationists of the future!

We make learning interesting and bring wildlife and conservation issues to life into a unique learning experience to make a school trip they’ll always remember.

Share our passion for the natural world, hear fun facts and figures, see our amazing artefacts and learn about different habitats and creatures that populate South America.

The zoo is packed with educational material from the animals to our entertaining animal feeds. Feel free to ask questions to any of our keepers as you see them around the zoo.

Around the Zoo

  • 1 Wildfowl walk
  • 2 Flamingo lagoon
  • 3 Birds of Prey
  • 4 Tapir Lookout
  • 5 Play Area
  • 6 Capuchin Monkeys
  • 7 Tropical House & Spider House
  • 8 Monkeys
  • 9 Otters
  • 10 Aviary
  • 11 Brick Kiln
  • 12 Jungle Cafe
  • 13 Cafe Island
  • 14 Rheas
  • 15 Peccaries
  • 16 Gift Shop
  • 17 Jungle Tumbles
  • 18 Macaws / Parrots
  • 19 Coati Island
  • 20 Feline Forest
  • 21 Guinea Pig Village


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