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Africa Experience UK – African Drumming Workshops for Schools

Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsNo
Public LiabilityLess than 5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
Administration Service Administered by third-party Administrator

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Black History Month Celebrations with African Drumming! Drumming is great for both young and old alike! Our African drumming workshops are exciting and fun and are perfect for team building. We have fantastic djembe teachers who deliver accessible and interactive classes for all ages. Drumming is infectious and is known to positively affect the whole mood of everyone around even those not directly participating.

Using the drum circle, and call and response, the djembe players are taken on a journey of discovery looking at rhythms both old and new.  From the human body to nature and outer space, we are surrounded by rhythm. We at Africa Experience try to tap into this positive basic human response embedded within each one of us.  We help draw out this natural response to rhythm in the time we have together hoping to leave each participant more confident in expressing themselves with rhythm by the end of the session.

What can African drumming do for you?

Neurologists and scientists are beginning to discover the benefits of drumming. Drumming is known to improve cognitive function and increase IQ and problem solving.

Drumming is a powerful tool that can help address group cohesion, behavioural issues, self expression and confidence building. We believe drumming brings joy and relieves stress all around and more and more is used in healing therapies.

Using the drum circle, and call and response, the djembe players are taken on a journey of discovery looking at rhythms both old and new.


“What an incredible experience we had on Friday!!! I would highly recommend Africa Experience!! You guys are inspiring, knowledgeable and fun and made African Culture come alive. The children left buzzing after the drumming and dancing. Thank you so much!!! No doubt we will be asking you to return in the near future!! Please thank Oury for all his incredible work. You both do your job so well. I cannot speak more highly of you both!!!”
Collingwood School

“Everyone has been saying how lovely the day was and I had a meeting with some year 9 students today who said that they really enjoyed the day and hoped theat we could do this again in Saltley. Thank you for putting on such a fabulous day for us and we hope that you will be willing to come back to Saltley.”
Saltley School

“The boys thoroughly enjoy the workshops and ended up doing some fantastic performance work following it. Thank you all very much indeed.”
Dartford Grammar

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