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Adeela – Salsa Dance Workshops for Schools

Adeela has been delivering workshops to schools for more than 20 years and, because dance is her passion, she has trained in many different dance styles over the years. 

Her initial training and styles were dances of the Indian sub-continent Bhangra and Bollywood after which she trained in other forms of cultural dance including this one, Salsa Dance, for which she delivers workshops from EYFS-KS2.


I have worked on a variety of projects in early years settings, primary and secondary schools, theatres and arts venues, special schools and day centres, summer schools and activity centres and within young people’s mental health services.

I have facilitated a variety of workshops and projects ranging from drama workshops to improve theatre skills to a comedy project which educated participants about healthy living to a puppetry project with young people in a hospital and outreach pupil referral unit to a storytelling project with young people for whom English is not their first language and just about everything in between!

Linking your Workshop to a Topic or Area of the Curriculum

I am able to link the workshop to your topic or area of the curriculum.

Please enquire and I will be pleased to advise you as to what I can do to help.

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